The first quarter of 2023 has seen FYRE photo providing a valuable service for 2D and sculptural artists. It is really important for an artist to copy their work before they sell it. Artworks that are textured, too big or impossible (3D sculpture) to scan should be reproduced photographically.

When working on colour critical Art Reproduction rely on a professional to have the correct tools and systems to accomplish and accurate result.

Producing a copy of your original artwork not only increases the value of the original it also provides the artist with the option to print reproductions, and create revenue from merchandising product ranges. Many art lovers would love to buy your original artwork but realistically be more able to afford a reproduction thereby making your work more accessible to beginning collectors. 

The resulting work be used for any marketing and promotion, especially to create content for all social media platforms.

Here at FYREphoto we can customise a package to suit your artistic requirements, contact us here.

Libby Harward from MunimbaJa is shown below with her artwork (artist portrait) and a range of services including a product range shot on white and with a variety of creative settings.

Take your artistic work into the commercial realm with FYREphoto digital reproduction services.