Great Product Photography – It all starts in the ears!

Communication is the first step in understanding what’s needed when capturing my client’s products perfectly. I spend a lot of time tuning in to clients so that I can understand what kind of photographic looks they are aiming for. This helps me build a vision in my eye and also tells me what kind of props and styling I need to bring to the shoot. I am also of the opinion that making the photo shoot a collaborative experience delivers the best results!

A great product shot is one that can be seen clearly – even as a thumbnail image. This is why photographing on white backgrounds works well for catalogues and online/ecommerce businesses. This is definitely an area of speciality for me, having extensive experience in photographing shiny jewellery on white backgrounds (reflections are tricky!)

In addition to clarity, the image needs to convey to the viewer the key selling points. For example, is it ethical, organic, industrial or high quality? Who is the demographic?  This information assists me in creating a shoot that will ensure the viewer perceives the product in the way the client wants.

For me, the end result is when the photo really makes the product look as good, if not better than in real life! As someone who is focused on the environment, I love the digital aspect of photography – there’s no chemical use and much less waste. I also really enjoy being alone in a studio, honing my creativity and applying my skills to capture a great image.